Tuesday 29 December 2015

The Wall In-Between

Who is an Hausa man in the Yoruba territory of Osun state?

Who is an Igbo man in the Kakuri market of Kaduna state?

Who is a Yoruba man in the confines of Agbor kingdom in Delta state?

More often than not,  we always tend to maintain the societal and environmental status quo in our various places of abode and the jurisdiction of our locality.

We all go about our different survival marathons without rancour towards the true legal occupants of these areas.  We tilt towards making undecipherable by concealing our original tribal mentality and segregation.
Peaceful fraternization enshrouded by deep and mutual  interaction with fellow countrymen in their own birthed emplacement.

Reverse is however the case when we regroup especially during the festivities with our stemmas and bloodlines - the mentality changes, perhaps back to our factory settings.

The majority familia retards our thinking and we start the outcry and vociferation of tribal imbalance and language separation.

The Igbo man returns home to clamour for Biafra despite the fact that he has survived  for 20years in Hausa land.

The Hausa man wants the Yoruba man off his street because his business has blossomed beyond his own.

The Yoruba man gets back home to join the myopic majority to orchestrate ways to make the Igbo man's business suffer, so he will return to his homeland.

All these stemming down to the shortsighted majority who have no experience of how greener it is on the side of the divide.

This is the Wall In-Between - Tribalistic Sentiments.

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