Friday 4 March 2016

Keep Rising - The Mui Thomas Story

"...and if I fall seven times,  I'll rise eight. "

I knew I had to make a research about her after watching a documentary on CNN in October 2015.

Nurist Shaheem
Hunter Steinitz
Ryan Gonzalez
Stephanie Turner
Mason Van Dyke
Mui Thomas

Some have walked the path. Mui Thomas is walking hers.

What path?

The one that has Harlequin Ichthyosis written all over it.

Mui was cyber-bullied for months which led her to the brink of suicide. She rose above the challenges and torments to become who she is today.

A body with no temperature control.

Skin that does not sweat.

Having to consume 8000 calories of food everyday in order to get energy to sustain her through the day - when not involved in any strenuous activity.

One really cannot be what s/he needs to be by remaining what s/he is. We are either in control or we have no option than to be controlled - controlled by what people say and think. If nobody's  opinion brought you this far,  why should it matter now.

Yes! Challenges will come. They are bound and meant to. What is life without challenges? A smooth sail.
Point to a renowned sailor who had one.

If Mui can rise above hers, I can and you can.

The world's first female rugby referee with her skin condition.  Rugby referee? BOOM!
Articulate, Poised and Confident, are words that describe Mui who has had the opportunity to speak in front of a paying audience at a TEDx talk.

To Tina and Roger Thomas, thank you for seeing life where no one did.


Keep Rising.

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