Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Climate Change - 2

This is the my second feature on climate change which I believe is informative enough to learn a few things from. The planet is ours and its ours to protect. We are going to remain safe on this planet if we make it safe for us. Its in our hands.


We are at WAR; with ourselves. Humanity is at war with itself and only willing soldier can sheath the swords of destruction. For long, we have been harming ourselves, only to start seeking solutions after the deed must have been done. It has become a dose of routinely self-orchestrated cyclic events and the merry-go-round upshots.

Most people have, and still are complaining about the heat intensity of the past months. What exact positive results have we gotten or derived from these complaints? None!
There is the school of thought that says the whole phase will soon be forgotten once the season changes. The simple truth is that it would only return with greater impacts. The best way to tackle an issue is to solve it from its root.

The need to STOP talking and START doing something about it cannot be overemphasized. While we keep babbling the planet – our planet, it keeps deteriorating.

Climate change is real and it is happening now.

We are on the verge of extinction if we do nothing about it. Climate change is a problem caused by humans and therefore, can be solved by humans.

Environmental scientists keep getting surprised by the heat records. The records in the first four months of 2016 have already surpassed the 2015 records.

Ponder on this – “For every pound (0.454kg) of trash we put in landfills, we put about 40 pounds (18.16kg) of carbon pollution in the atmosphere.

Carbon in the atmosphere traps the heat from the sun and sends it to earth. The more carbon in the atmosphere, the more the heat from the sun is trapped. This further increases the heat on and in the planet.

We can reduce the carbon, which invariably reduces the heat. This may be a hard nut to crack due to the nature of the machines we use. It is however achievable. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

Can we stop thrashing the trash? Yes!
Can we do more recycling? Yes!
Can we gradually reduce the burning? Yes!
Can we trim down the vehicular emissions? Yes
Can we port to renewable energy sources and discard the carbon-emitting machines? Yes!
Can we start acting on climate now? Yes!
Can we guard the planet for future generations? YES!

The time to act is NOW.

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