Monday 2 May 2016

Climate Change

This may look like an unusual blog post, but this is something I have always had passion for. My followers on twitter may understand better. And Yes, expect more  posts on issues that relates with Climate Change and Renewable Energy. So, watch this space for more. Let us all enjoy the jolly ride. The heat is killing though.


It’s no news anymore, neither is it a strange outcry from nooks and crannies regarding the intense heat everyone is facing. In the past, only those in the Northern part of the country would complain. Such is now stale, as voices are being heard from all and sundry. While many complain, only a few ask why?

Conversely, this should not be so if we all take a minute to analyze the situation around our environs. Man has always been the architects of his own downfall and that fact has not changed.

Over the past three decades, there has been a significant rise in the awareness level of climate change & global warming. A large percentage of people have heard of Global warming. Only a handful actually understands how it affects the lives of humans.Global warming is majorly caused by ozone layer depletion as a result of the release of green house gases into the atmosphere. Aside that, the biological relationship between plants, humans and the environment also plays a role due to the high level of deforestation.

Climate change on its own part has increased the alertness of environmentalists globally. Climate change is now a threat to the existence of humans on the planet.

According to Climate Reality, 97% of climate scientists agree that man-made pollution is warming the environment. Pollution, through the release of carbon from fossil fuel industries.

The release of carbon into the atmosphere from various sources does more harm by staying in the atmosphere and trapping the heat from the sun. Both carbon levels and global temperatures have increased dramatically since the industrial revolution. A warming atmosphere, leads to more extreme weather which causes intense flooding in some areas and intense drought in others. Warmer temperatures cause glaciers to melt and this causes sea levels to rise.

To avoid the worst impact of climate change, we must keep the rise below 2*C. It has been forecasted that the earth’s temperature is on pace to rise by 4*C by 2100 if nothing is done to mitigate this.

The major sources of carbon include exhaust fumes from generators, cars, cooking stoves, heavy duty trucks and most especially, industrially generated coal and oil & gas wastes.

Recent research has it that March 2016 has overtaken February 2016 as the hottest month since the existence of the planet. In fact, the past 11months have witnessed significant increase in temperature levels. This only buttresses the point that something urgent needs to be done, fast.

The effect of climate change and its awareness has been further confirmed as several European countries have started taking urgent steps to curb its rise. Investments are now been channeled towards renewable energy i.e. Solar and Wind Energy. China, for example is gradually shutting down its coal mines and channeling all effort towards achieving an all-round renewable source of electricity generation by 2020. Other countries like U.S.A, Scotland and India have made similar strides.

The answer to climate change is reduction in carbon emission which can be achieved through the use of Renewable Sources of Energy.
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