Monday 19 June 2017

Ambassador advises politicians on environmental laws

According to The Nation, the ambassador of Ecuador to Nigeria, recently in Port Harcourt, Rivers state has urged leaders in the country to be more serious on the issues bordering on environmental sustainability.
Ecuadorian Ambassador to Nigeria Leopoldo Verdesoto Rovayo has urged  Nigerian leaders to take issues of environmental pollution seriously. He advised them to ensure that laws on environments are implemented to save the earth and climate from further depleting.
Ravayo spoke in Port Harcourt, Rivers  State capital, when he partnered, a Rivers lawmaker, Hon. Victoria Nyeche on a campaign on “Sustainable Lifestyle on Environment”, to plant trees at Elekahia Secondary School, in Port Harcourt Local Government Area at the weekend.
The campaign was an offshoot of the just concluded Port Harcourt Environmental Summit by members of the State House of assembly, and the brain child of Nyche.
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He said the government, multinational companies as well as residents in the state have roles to play, if the environment must be saved.
He condemned the practice of indiscriminate emission of hydro carbon chemical and other harmful chemicals, elements into the earth and atmosphere through, oil exploration activities, and  burning of  used and dumped motor tyres, on meats and for wires, and charged the government to rise up against that to check the menace.
“There is need for politicians to implement the laws on environment, and oil exploitation companies to do what is right in the way they carry on their businesses in the state to save the environment and the people from the effects of harmful emissions into the environment.
“Also other people doing business in the state should also know that they have roles to play in the quest to saving the environment, sometimes people should think beyond making huge profits in their businesses and think about the implication of their activities on the environments and its inhabitants.
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“Imagine people recycling used and condemned tyres into firewood to burn meat for consumption and to get wires out of them, all these have huge negative implications on the environment and the people, the atmosphere is contaminated, people eat and inhale the contaminants and get sick and so on, so there has to be another better way of burning animal fur and extracting wires out of these tyres instead of this very cheap and crude way that is causing more havoc to the environment and its residents.
“Again, educating and sensitizing the people on the effects of their negative activities on the environment to the atmosphere, water bodies and directly on human beings and the way to save the environment from further damage cannot be over-emphasized.
“This is the reason we chose a school to start with, because if we should educate the young ones, we would have captured them while they are young and they will go out there and educate their parents and other people within their neighbourhood. We want to make them ambassadors of green and safe environments.”
The lawmaker urged children to imbibe the habit of saving the environment from all forms of pollution, including tittering of the surroundings, especially with material that are not decomposable.
Source: The Nation
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