Thursday, 10 August 2017

Environmental Firm Seeks Adequate Data To Check Climate Change

Action For Climate Change - Project Group International

In order to improve Nigeria’s carbon credit, ensuring we have adequate data on forest depletion and the degradation of the environment will help in this regard.

Raymond Owa, the managing partner of Prigem Concept – an environmental firm asserted that based on the various reports from different parts of the world, a period of three years is needed to cut back the carbon excess. In order to make easier the process, proper documentation and data is needed.

With the frequency analysis on extreme weather conditions such as flooding and drought, vulnerability assessment to ensure early warning system were more effective to assist the coastal residents and rural landlocked dwellers.

“We have depleted the forest from 35% to barely 5% because of civilization which came along with industrialization, globalization and mechanization. But we can start climate smart agriculture, agro-forestry, planned transportation system and improved infrastructural development to check this,”

“We wish that an action plan will come into effect very soon to check our obsolete policies as regards carbon taxes, laws, incentives and subsidies to aid clean development mechanism, low emissions development attainable and soft served."
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