Wednesday 6 September 2017

Water bodies are such precious nature to see,
The rivers, the oceans, the streams, the lakes dammed.
But humans will always hug what they should by caution resist,
That we never live a life that will be damned!

So our eyes may not mourn the homeless and the deceased.
Little kids on the streets, living in pools of pulls and shove, probably diseased.
For waters beyond altering are what the heavens have released,
Homes are sunken and the future of mankind is sinking,
Heavenly downpours, gracious or doomsday, an average man is thinking.

Flooded passages to homes have distorted many marriages,
The pleasant nights enjoyed by the couples are now gotten with trouble,
Whose libido rises when the rooms are Atlantic and Mediterranean?
Whose fancy is tickled when all he works for is in wreckage?

Swimming boats on roads, that will be a watered-land transportation,
When it drizzles, hearts beat five times faster than normal,
When it rains, muscles work ten times slower than abnormal,
For the fear of sleeping on the street or evacuation is god to the heart,
Fear your god, we are told, for God has come through a god.

Generations keep getting lost in ceaseless raining,
From dawn to dusk, hopes of the poor are waning
Today may be the waters, tomorrow may be the winds',
The birds keep up in the sky and gloriously, they sing.

Who will be subdued by the powers of water, the next, nobody knows?
What shall we do to ensure that in the next rain, nobody rows?
When will canoes leave roads and houses fail to be less weightier than waters?
When will Omiyale stoop flooring our people, leaving them to suffer?

I may not be affected but I'm a reflection of my affection,
For one day is for the thief and everyday for the owner.
Should you suffer from a high-rising flood,
Stay grounded, stay aloof, stay afloat, stay alive and never be floored.

And our dams have damned us again!
Homeless, helpless, with less help and no homes,
Humans taking kids, hopes and their future to roam,
May we overcome, may Makurdi be free,
May we mark these ordeals with more wisdom.
We shall overcome!

God Save Makurdi!!!

Written by Rilwan Adetayo Balogun
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