Friday 27 October 2017

Nigerians Urged To Take Flood Alert Serious

Flood in Nigeria

President, Nigeria Association of Hydrological Sciences (NAHS), Abel Adebayo, has called on Nigerians to take flood predictions from relevant agencies seriously.
Prof. Adebayo linked the loss of lives and properties to flood during raining seasons to poor attitude from people who build or live in flood- prone areas.
He spoke at the eighth international conference and annual general meeting of the association in Abuja.
The conference had “Hydrology and Water Resources Development in Nigeria: Issues, challenges and the way forward,” as its theme.
Prof. Adebayo said the theme of the conference was timely and relevant to the issues of climate change.
He said: “The attitude of people to this prediction is number one problem. People do not take these predictions seriously especially people living within flood plain.
“When people don’t take this prediction serious they stay there until the flood over takes them.”
He called on governments to make provisions for those living in flood plain area whenever they are asked to relocate.
The Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) said it had continually warned Nigerians not to build houses on flood plain areas.
Its Director, Operational Hydrology, Umar Mangashi, said the agency had through its sensitisation urged people living in flood plain areas to open up their drainages in order to allow for free flow of water.
Mangashi said: “We always tell people in our sensitisation that they should not build on the flood prone areas. These are areas where flood reaches and these areas are very fertile for agriculture. People tend to settle there and but when the water starts it flood those areas.
The Director General, NIHSA, Moses Beckley said the agency would continue to support the activities of the association.

Source: Nation Online
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