Tuesday 17 October 2017

Osun, American Firm Signs $450m MoU on Environment

The Osun State government and an American company, American Green Environmental Global Solutions Nigeria Limited, yesterday signed a $450 million partnership agreement on waste management.
The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the government and American firm, which is on turning waste to consumables, took place at the Governor’s Office in Osogbo, the state capital.
The partnership will create jobs, expand the economy, create a new era in tourism and keep the environment clean.
President of Green Environmental Services of America (GESA) and America Green Environmental Solution Nigeria Limited (AGEGS) Patrick Onyeije said the machinery and building on the planned projects will take  between eight and 12 weeks to complete.

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The company chief noted that the first phase of the projects will cost $250 million, adding that the company will begin operation soon.
Onyeije, who was represented by Major Samuel Adewumi (retd), said the partnership would help to improve the economy, as waste will be collected from tenants and recycled for valuable products, such as tissue papers, plastics and organic manure (fertiliser) for farmers.
He said: ”Today marks a great and important historical beginning in the epilogue and annals of captivating history of our people in the State of Osun. Accepting the arduous but admirable responsibility to take care of our environment is a lofty ideal to behold and, as such, a new day is born.
“We are here to change the story on the environment with the enunciation of these wonderful projects of garbage and sewage collection.
“It is befitting that the State of Osun has been selected to lead the rest of the country towards an evolutionary approach of reclaiming our environment. One thing we all have taken for granted from the time we were born to the time we die is our environment.
“Today marks a new beginning as we take the solemn commitment to protect our environment. We have to do our little best, not to litter the streets but to recycle everything coming out of our homes and work places. Every household will purchase various containers from AGEGS for different items from the household for which they can recycle.

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“These containers will be picked up from your homes on designated days of the week and may include weekends as the need may arise.
“On behalf of Green Environmental Services of America (GESA) and America Green Environmental Global Solution Nigeria Limited (AGEGS), we say a big thank you to the government of the State of Osun.
“It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we have accepted to begin these great projects here in Osun. This amazing state, though small but mighty, has the propensity and foresight to always lead the way in innovations as the cradle of ingenuity, making Osun the pioneering state for the America Green Environmental Global Solutions in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa.
“We are here to create jobs, expand the economy, create a new dynamic economy in tourism and, above all, keep your environment clean. We reiterate our gratitude to all our stakeholders locally and abroad and, most especially, our worthy partners in government who have shown unparalleled commitment to the success of this project since inception.
“With these projects, Osun has accepted to set an international standard in Nigeria for other states in the country to follow.”
Governor Rauf Aregbesola said the partnership would complement his administration’s efforts at keeping the environment clean, safe, green and sustainable.
The governor said his administration never failed in its responsibilities to making Osun the safest state in Nigeria through its consciousness to environmental preservation and maintenance.
He noted that despite the economic challenges confronting the state, his administration remained committed to the environment.
Aregbesola said: “We are not signing this MoU for fun but to ensure that our efforts at maintaining and keeping our environment safe remain non-negotiable.
“It is on record that one thing one cannot take away from our administration is our commitment to the environment. There has been a tremendous improvement from what our environment was before with what we have now.
“We have been very conscious and passionate about the wellbeing of our people and this made us to commit reasonable resources to environmental sanitation to advance the general wellbeing of our people, particularly to enhance healthy living.
“It is evident that very few states could compete with us in environmental cleanliness as our state remains the reference point in avoiding opportunistic environmental and public health challenges.
“We have maintained a remarkable standard in environmental sanitation and public health management.”

Source: Nation Online
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