Saturday 2 December 2017

It’s December and the thrill is already here, we cannot but help notice as the emotions and activities surrounding the Christmas period heightens. No matter how we tend to wave it off and tell ourselves we want to end the year strong and fulfilling, there is this tingly feeling deep down that keeps assuring us we cannot avoid the Christmas feel. It has come to stay and we have come to accept it with little choice. Truth is, we have a lot to be thankful for by just looking back at the events from January to December.

Christmas has always been a time to celebrate and have fun but it also a time where we rarely care about the excesses. In the spirit of Christmas, we tend to overdo some things we would rather think over on normal days. I have a saying that goes; “An environmentalist sees everything”.

Below are some of the ways we can minimize the excesses we tend to indulge in during the festive seasons that would likely contribute to harm the environment.

1    Travel Together – most people are going to be travelling during this period, but instead of making plans to travel together as a result of same location, instead people travel separately, and as a result, contributing to more carbon emission. Carbon pollution has been one major contributor to climate change, we can therefore help in fighting this by travelling together in order to reduce the amount of emitted carbon.

2   Cook what you can eat – in a bid to prepare for rainy days during this period, we tend to prepare in excess for those who would visit and those who are likely to visit. Many times, we end up with wasted foods as guests would rather eat light or not eat at all. Considering the amount of food wastes yearly, we may want to curb this effect during this period by cooking for only a few mouths who we are sure are readily available.

3    Use energy-efficient lights for decoration. As we all know the Christmas period is full of beautiful colors, especially lights for decoration which is actually a beautiful sight to behold. We can however ensure we reduce the heat generated from these lights by using energy-efficient Christmas lights.

4    Learn the habit of recycling. As earlier mentioned, this period will by no means be short of everyday celebrations, we can therefore be certain of generating not just food wastes but plastic wastes, especially from our can and bottle drinks. Enjoyment is good, but recycling is even better. One thing we can task ourselves, is to ensure recyclable wastes such as plastics, cans, etc., are delivered to recycling hubs. We can always reach out to Recycle Points or Wecyclers for waste pickups. And guess what? There are incentives when you call them for waste pickup.

Green is beautiful. You should be part of the solution not the problem. The buck of this information should not rest on our tables, we should endeavor to share with others. It is going to be a wonderful Christmas time with friends and families, but Mother Nature will thank us if as we celebrate, we make it a point to consider the effect we would be having on it. As we curb the excesses, we can be rest assured that we are also part of the fight against climate change. Green Christmas all the way!
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