Tuesday 13 March 2018

Ignorance – The Bane Of Wildlife Survival

The World celebrated #WorldWildlifeDay for 2018 on the 3rd of March, with the focus being on the big cats. Due to human activities of various degrees such as illegal trades and poaching, it is now more pronounced that the population of big cats such as tigers and lions have greatly reduced. In fact, one of the highlights is the fact that in the last 75 years, lions have lost 90% of their population. Yes, we should be worried.
However, beaming our lights a little away from the big cats and focus on the entirety of the wildlife, we would discover that so much is happening. Recently, I chanced on a picture, as seen below, that broke my heart. It is a picture of how ignorance remains our undoing in all facets of development as a nation. Ignorance, as they say, is not an excuse but how exactly can one convey this message to the truly ignorant ones.
A certain hunter somewhere in Idanre, Ondo State Nigeria, killed an Elephant and he suddenly became a superhero. People gathered and thronged to see the sight, as this was a feat we do not see people “achieve” on a daily basis. Ignorance.
Idanre is home to one of the most beautiful landscapes in south-western Nigeria – The Hill of Idanre. In fact, this natural site was added to the Cultural Category of the UNESCO World Heritage List on the 8th of October, 2007. It is quite ironic that a historical location of such would be seen depicting the direct opposite of what environmental sustainability is, especially in the wildlife category.
As mentioned earlier, Ignorance remains our bane. People need to know what is meant for preservation and what is meant for consumption. Some believe since it is naturally given, then it should be used to the advantage of the human race. This mentality is flawed and needs to be changed with the drive starting from the state government, to the ministry of environment and all environmental stakeholders. People need to understand it is our collective duty to preserve the wildlife and most importantly the environment.
Killing an elephant and bragging about it should be unheard of in this day and age. We need to understand we have more to lose when we harm nature. A herd of elephants in Nigeria is reduced by one, our wildlife suffers the consequences.
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