Thursday 2 August 2018

Combating Climate Change and Its Impact in Nigeria

Goal 13
The monthly SDG Dialogue held at United Nation Information Centre, Lagos on the 31st of July, 2018 with the theme – “Combating Climate Change and Its Impact in Nigeria” in a bid to focus on SDG 13 – Climate Action. Dr Ahove Michael of the Centre for Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development of Lagos State University and Mr. Desmond Majekodunmi, renowned environmentalist and chairman of Lufasi Park were the Speakers.

Both speakers primarily focused on how innovation and a little tweak in the way we live and we might just be on our way to having everyone on the warship sailing towards the fight against climate change. Until we begin to see climate change as a threat to global security, we will only be going in circles in the fight and continue to experience even bigger negative impacts of climate change.

Dr. Ahove Michael spoke on embracing innovative development, the use of energy efficient bulbs, fans and freezers and most importantly reducing energy consumption generally.
Mr. Desmond Majekodunmi centered about first changing our minds and thought systems before even thinking of overcoming climate change as this stands as a battles not just for us but for the coming generation. It goes beyond being an environmentalist but instead becoming an environmental activist by championing the drive to decarbonize, protect the forests and plant trees.

Climate Change in Nigeria

He mentioned the lazy man’s guide to changing the world by combating climate change through the following steps;

From your couch:

1. Save electricity by removing chargers and connection boxes from power sockets when not in use.
2. Stop paper payments
3. Share information on climate change, whether posted by you or someone else. Be involved in awareness and orientation.
4. Speak up-Ask your local and national authorities to engage in, and be involved in initiatives that combat climate change.
5. Turn off lights when not in use.
6. Stay informed.

At home:

1. Air dry-Let your clothes and hair dry naturally, instead of using machines.
2. Load washing machines to the maximum when you want to wash.  Reduce washing in bits.
3. Take short showers.
4. Eat less poultry/fish.
5. Freeze leftovers - don't allow wastage.
6. Recycle.
7. Install solar panels.
8. Buy minimally packaged goods.
9. Avoid preheating oven before using to reduce power consumption.

Outside your house
1. Shop local (support neighborhood businesses)
2. Shop smart (no impulse buying)
3. Bike, walk, and use public transport (sometimes) instead of using your car.
4. Use refillable water bottles.
5. Bring your own bags when you shop (reduce the circulation of polythene bags).
6. Vaccinate yourself and your family.

At work
1. If you can't finish your food/beverages/fruits, etc., give your colleagues. Don't throw food away.
2. Mentor/educate young people about climate change.
3. Ensure equal pay for equal work, regardless of the gender.
4. Make sure your company uses energy saving appliances and bulbs.

The fight against climate change cannot be won by a few or only environmental activists. We all need to come together at a common front and deliver a desirable environment into the hands of our children.
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