Saturday 23 February 2019

Amidst 2019 General Elections, Soot Envelopes Port Harcourt Residents

As Nigerians marched to the various polling units across the federation to exercise their civic duties, the environment and most importantly, the country as a whole was better off for it. Categorically, it can be concluded that there was a very large reduction of carbon emission in the past few hours.

Carbon emission from heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles have been big contributors of carbon in terms of sources of carbon pollution in the analysis of climate change. The citizens of Rivers state, despite having the same experience in terms of vehicular traffic on major roads are having to contend with a scourge they have been unable to end for years. 

It was around this time over two years ago when the Citizens of Port Harcourt embarked on a coordinated campaign awareness to let out the need for safe and clean air in the city. The campaign attracted some international communities at the time and had Port Harcourt on the global map, albeit for a reason the residents of the city were not proud off.

Attention has yet to be drawn to the current level of air pollution within the state capital due to the intense pressure that often envelopes the general elections. However, the fact remains that the environmental menace in form Soot has become more visible.

The resident are beginning to experience similar occurrences of the past; black feet after walking barefooted, particles of soot in their noses, black dusty air in the atmosphere. The negative impacts of the soot pollution such as coronary heart diseases, asthma, bronchitis and many other respiratory illnesses cannot be overemphasized. 

While the elections are the talk of town, at least for the next one month, we can always beam our light toward the environmental hazard in the form of soot pollution.
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